Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Snow Please!

So it's been snowing again.  Just in case it isn't up to your hips.  (And that is in the flat sections)  It has gotten so bad that the Bureau of Land Management has closed almost the entire valley due to the high avalanche danger.

Today in class we were supposed to go to one of those areas.  Instead we ended up conducting beacon searches in the field next to the gym.  Todays class was a lot of fun.  We tried going off jumps in the cross-country skis (no easy feat) and even slid down the hill on our avalanche shovels.  Really responsible, eh?  Yup, we are a bunch of mostly graduating upper class-men.  Yet again, I am assured that my major area of study is awesome.

And that leads us to the picture of the day. 
 This hat is so awesome, I almost wish I had one.   
The goggles can only add to the awesomeness.  

You may now gaze in awe.

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