Monday, February 16, 2009

The Joy of Walking

Today I took a walk.  Normally that sentence would not inspire anything for me but today it's special.  Not only did I walk, but it was also for half an hour.  That's something.  That's something big and awesome and great. 

Just wanted to share and celebrate with you.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Awesome Video

Something fun for Sunday afternoon:
(or whenever the heck it is that your reading this post)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good News!

At my first day of physical therapy I heard the most wonderful, affirming, caring thing that I've heard in a long time: "This is normal, it will get better".  To think that I had wasted all that energy, all that time practically obsessing about what that silly doctor said about "it should be healed by now" and "I don't know why you're still in pain".  Ha.  So the physical therapist is cool, I'm armed and ready to go with some great stretching/good moving mechanics exercises to do at home and I'm feeling this fog of grey lifting from my psyche.  I think the two biggest things getting to me have been not being able to work out, and not being able to do the job I love.  Sure I'm back at work, but it's never been my dream job to collate and staple.

It seems another topic that continues to run through my head is Outward Bound, particularly my first summer there.  In between training sessions we would play those silly 'what sort of (insert thing here) would you be', like, office supplies, for example.   LC's had to be on the ball and super organized so that was a natural one.  I always chose sharpies because I tend to organize things for myself with different colors of ink.  I found this cool quiz at blogthings.  Apparently I am not sharpies, pbbbbth.

You Are a Coffee Mug

You have loads of energy and stamina. You can zip through the most boring of tasks with complete enthusiasm.

You are also great at motivating a group. You are a fearless leader.

You are efficient and productive. You don't put off tasks or procrastinate. You actually enjoy working.

You would make a good small business owner or startup employee. If a job requires blood, sweat, and tears - then you have some to give.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photo Update

I haven't posted cool photos in a little while.  So I guess here is a quick photo update, kinda.  Some of the photos are from a while ago.  Here you go:

Look!  It's an extenda guinea pig!
Tee Hee

This is what the bruise eventually ended up looking like.  I know what you're thinking, great pants right?  Anyway, it's pretty much gone now.

So the last post I wrote I was talking about beer.  Well, I found a pretty great one.  At first it freaked me out because it's a stout in a can.  But hey, I don't have to be that kind of a beer snob, and who could resist a can that looks like that?!?

BTW- I am officially putting out the notice, if someone can find a way to (legally) send me an Nefarious Ten Pin, I will not only love them forever but also... I dunno what I'll do.  It's negotiable I guess.  But it'll be big.

Oh yeah!  This is post number 200!  Woot!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Things I Miss About Colorado

Perusing the selection at our local Bottle King today I realized that there are so many things I miss about Colorado.  Things like my family, the mountains, snow that's actually fun, etc. etc., the list continues.  This post is not about those things.  This post is about the beers I miss most.

(BTW- I tried to list them preferentially, but it's hard)

Ska Brewing Company:
See full size image
  • Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter (Different than ten pin & more preferred)
  • Pinstripe Red Ale
  • Ten Pin Porter 
  • Steel Toe Stout
  • True Blonde

  • 1554
  • Trippel
  • Sunshine Wheat
  • Fat Tire
  • Skinny Dip
  • 2 Below

  • Karma

  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Vanilla Porter
  • Agave Wheat
  • Avalanche Ale

  • Durango Wheat Beer

  • Stinger Wild Honey Wheat

  • Retro Red
  • Chocolate Stout
Gunnison Brewery:
  • Evil Rabbit

  • Sawtooth Ale
  • Milk Stout
  • Haystack Wheat
Heck, I'll even mention some good Montana beer, I can't buy it out here anyway.

  • Hefeweizen
  • Glacier Ale
  • Porter
  • Chocolate Stout