Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Anonymity of the Internets

What is it about a fairly anonymous environment that encourages people to be total a-holes?

The following is an exact copy of what somebody posted online, playing poker, on the Book of Face no less!:

(I enter the room)
David : alex suck ass
David : alex is a jackass
(thinking about posting a reply... I start to type only to be interrupted by this gem)
David : alex is a ass hole
(never mind, I don't even want to go there anymore)
David : so alex how much weed do smoke
David : alex is a ass
David : alex is a ass
(this was every so often, then the total kicker...)
David : alex i will pray for you
(ahhhh!!! WTF? Really?)
David : no come back (< I have no idea what this comment was about)
David : it look like i win the batt
David : but not the war
(Celine enters the room. Poor, unsuspecting, Celine. Notice his sudden change in demeanor, as well as her witty, dare I say flirtatious remarks)
David : hi celine
David : how was your day
David : just find
David : that great
David : so want do like to do
David : i like football and baskball
David : that great
David : so were are you working rigth now
David : think you very much celine for talk to me
(Wait a minute, she hasn't been involved in the conversation. Am I really seeing some crazy guy holding a conversation with himself on a poker room chat? Wow, glad I didn't respond earlier)
David : and may be we can be friend
David : that sound great
David : cool
Alex Stigall: nh
(Celeus enters the room, good luck Celeus!)
David : celeus is a jackass
David : and a hole
David : and a ass hole
David : no come back lose
(Then, in a final coup d'etat)
David : alex do want to be friends

Oh the joy. Crazy crazy internet people. I think the only thing crazier than doing this would be to copy the whole thing and post it with comments somewhere else on the internet! Oh wait...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hanging Out on the Couch

It's been a long time. Sorry. Things have of course been busy, life certainly gets that way. It's occasionally a question of busy how?

For me it's pretty much busy in a good, if slightly boring way. Work is good, busy. Don't really do much outside of work. My new favorite stress reliever is going for a workout. Recently registered for my first ever running race, a 5k in a nearby city. I'm really nervous, but very excited. A couple of the summer camp people are doing it w/ me.

I'll try to post a story about it when it happens.

Today though, I'm just hanging out on the couch. See, I went for a run this morning, on a trail I haven't been on before and rolled my ankle pretty well. It's huge, brightly colored, and I can't put pressure on it. Doctor said that nothing is broken, so that's good news at least. For right now I'm just going to follow the tried and true RICE method.

Peace out peeps. Hope you are well. Have fun, make people wonder.