Thursday, August 6, 2009

Slow Posting, Just Like My Running

It finally happened. I ran my first ever 5k race. Whew! I've never really understood the phrase "run until you feel like puking" until that day. And I'm proud to report that I not only experienced that feeling but kept going. So here's a quick synopsis of the race in photos:

So here we are. The three people from camp who decided to spend an evening of our weekend off running. For fun. For glory. For plaques! (that part is coming up)

It's important to warm up before the run...

Ok. Here we are after the race. I survived! Chaz and I both won first in our age categories. That was exciting. I was really, really excited about the ice treat.

This is pretty much how I felt at the end. So great, in fact, that I'm planning on doing another one in September. Woot!