Monday, May 24, 2010

You Know How I Know?

Do you know how I know that it is now summer? It's not, as my brother suggests, the first sighting of Mormons on their bikes. It's not the sudden green. It's the beers :) Specifically one beer, Buffalo Bills Orange Blossom Cream Ale. This beer is.... awesome, tasty, make you smile and instantly relax good. In addition to all of those things and much more it's also really hard to locate for most of the year. So when you see it at the store, as I did today, you buy it, even if you don't want to drink it right away. So ladies and gentleman, and whomever else may be reading. Welcome to summer. Go, find this beer, enjoy it, and be happy.

This happens to be the beer that I'm drinking tonight. Also, very good beer. This is going on the buy again list. The ginger provides a really good crisp clean taste and it is tasty. Also, it's Left Hand Brewing! Woot woot for Colorado brewers!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Something Bumpy (in my knee)

Check out this awesome xray! How cool are xrays? Really. Supercool that's what. The only problem here is that odd broken up bit below the kneecap. Almost looks like a second kneecap? That's my knee! That broken up bit is, against all looks, not a problem. Just wanted to share. That's all.

The interesting thing here is of course that my knee, which doesn't bother me is a WAY cooler xray than my shoulder. Huh, funny that.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

No Contradictions Allowed, Sometimes.

I found this great video at the Life in Sodom blog. The speed rounds are particularly funny. :) That and the "commercials" they show. Not quite sure about the end though.