Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Anonymity of the Internets

What is it about a fairly anonymous environment that encourages people to be total a-holes?

The following is an exact copy of what somebody posted online, playing poker, on the Book of Face no less!:

(I enter the room)
David : alex suck ass
David : alex is a jackass
(thinking about posting a reply... I start to type only to be interrupted by this gem)
David : alex is a ass hole
(never mind, I don't even want to go there anymore)
David : so alex how much weed do smoke
David : alex is a ass
David : alex is a ass
(this was every so often, then the total kicker...)
David : alex i will pray for you
(ahhhh!!! WTF? Really?)
David : no come back (< I have no idea what this comment was about)
David : it look like i win the batt
David : but not the war
(Celine enters the room. Poor, unsuspecting, Celine. Notice his sudden change in demeanor, as well as her witty, dare I say flirtatious remarks)
David : hi celine
David : how was your day
David : just find
David : that great
David : so want do like to do
David : i like football and baskball
David : that great
David : so were are you working rigth now
David : think you very much celine for talk to me
(Wait a minute, she hasn't been involved in the conversation. Am I really seeing some crazy guy holding a conversation with himself on a poker room chat? Wow, glad I didn't respond earlier)
David : and may be we can be friend
David : that sound great
David : cool
Alex Stigall: nh
(Celeus enters the room, good luck Celeus!)
David : celeus is a jackass
David : and a hole
David : and a ass hole
David : no come back lose
(Then, in a final coup d'etat)
David : alex do want to be friends

Oh the joy. Crazy crazy internet people. I think the only thing crazier than doing this would be to copy the whole thing and post it with comments somewhere else on the internet! Oh wait...

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Matoska said...

you want be friend?
(Making monkey noises)
Sheesh. People are weird.