Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photo Update

I haven't posted cool photos in a little while.  So I guess here is a quick photo update, kinda.  Some of the photos are from a while ago.  Here you go:

Look!  It's an extenda guinea pig!
Tee Hee

This is what the bruise eventually ended up looking like.  I know what you're thinking, great pants right?  Anyway, it's pretty much gone now.

So the last post I wrote I was talking about beer.  Well, I found a pretty great one.  At first it freaked me out because it's a stout in a can.  But hey, I don't have to be that kind of a beer snob, and who could resist a can that looks like that?!?

BTW- I am officially putting out the notice, if someone can find a way to (legally) send me an Nefarious Ten Pin, I will not only love them forever but also... I dunno what I'll do.  It's negotiable I guess.  But it'll be big.

Oh yeah!  This is post number 200!  Woot!

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Matoska said...

I cringe at the bruise. Ugh. I'm glad you can still walk. heh.