Monday, December 3, 2007

Written On A Snowflake -OR- Know When to Shred Stuff

I'm at work. Settling down into the front desk, the 80 square feet of space that will be my workplace for the next six hours. Surrounding me is an astonishing amount of holiday decorations. Everything is clearly christmas oriented, but some might be inclined to grant leeway for the attempt at a "Happy Hanukkah" sign and tinsel-ly star of david. Heck, there is even a tree, decorated as only work study students can. All of it gives me a distinctly anti-holiday feeling. What is more annoying are the decorations that refuse to stay put and insist on falling. Particularly the snowflakes. It figures that snowflakes would fall off the ceiling. In yet another attempt to reuse and thereby reduce waste the snowflakes are made of paper taken from the recycling bin.

One of the snowflakes fell off the ceiling. Deciding to pick it up and possibly even hang it back up I lean down, pick it up, and idly look it over as I stand up again. Oh, it's an email. Wait a minute, that is MY NAME on that email. What's going on here?

Intrigued I start to read what I can of the e-mail, inserting likely words where scissors have shaped this document into a crude replica of a snowflake. Turns out, it really is about me, most of it anyway. The recipient is a friend, someone here at the school. The sender is an acquaintance, I know them, have had conversations with them, and have written some correspondence back and forth previously, but not on the topic that they are talking about here.

They are talking about me. They are talking about church. [I have been attending this church, more details later] They are talking about this amazing opportunity, a chance for me to "hear the word of God in all it's truth and purity-straight law and straight gospel, no beating around the bush and no strings attached".  I suspected that this was going on, and really this isn't a big deal.  The big deal, the concern, the minor alarm going off in my head is all about her intentions.  Why is this person approaching this this way? Am I just a mission? Is this one of those "you are my friend and I don't want you to go to hell" things?

Should I talk to them about it? Would it be totally out of line to request to read the pieces of the email that I am not seeing? I would like to see how it ends. This edition anyway.

Why wouldn't you just shred something like that?

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