Friday, December 7, 2007

Snow Snow Snow!!!

It's snowing!  Snow, snow, snow, snow...  Lots of snow, probably slightly higher than a foot right now.  It's rumored that the snow is going to continue until Tuesday and we are projected to get four feet!  The roads are closed, the mountain I'm sure is rocking, heck who wouldn't be up there for free ski?  Here are some pictures I want to share.

This is my car.  Covered in snow.  It actually got shut in the parking lot today by the plows.  That car's not moving until spring.

This is main street.  When I tell people that I live in Gunnison they always respond with a story about the crazy snow it gets.  This is my first chance to really see a snowstorm like this in action.  I know I'm fully geeking out, but it's cool that there is so much snow  the snowplows are forming a barrier with the snow in the middle of the street.

Trees are falling all over the place.  It's insane.  Not just little limbs but serious tree pieces.  This picture is of part of a huge tree that happened to fall apart while I was walking.  Pretty cool.  I'm glad that it didn't hit the car.

Crested Butte is getting a lot of snow.  This morning when I checked the snow report they got 20 inches in 24 hours!  I wish I had gear.

In other news, these are my newest thoughts (hair-brained ideas) on/for the future:

Option 1: I save, win, or otherwise legally obtain approximately $6000 and follow through on living and working in New Zealand for a year.

Option 2: Work on a cruise line.  I still get to travel, have a fun job, work recreation and programming, both things I love.


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