Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Short Start

I know. I've royally screwed up on blogging lately. Lot of things happening. Lot of things that I should be doing but don't, or just put off, or forget about. Let's face it, this whole updating the world thing just hasn't been high up on my priorities list lately. Oops.

Small updates:

- Thanksgiving was fun. It is quite a shock to recognize that I am not the individual I thought I was. I thought that because I had spent so much time examining who I am, what I do, what distinguishes me from my family that I was an inherently unique person. WRONG. I spent a weekend surrounded by people that looked like me, talked like me, reacted in a similar way to situations, etc., etc., etc. Kind of frightening at times (read: ALL THE TIME).

- I'm turing 25 on Friday. Have plans, we'll see how they work out.

- 75% of my stats class failed the most recent exam. I am in that 75%. We are in big trouble. You know you have a cool prof though when he works out a deal for people to drop the class and still recieve a "W" if they can't hack it. AND he helped organize huge class study sessions until the end of the semester. It's not all roses though. Today he handed out some serious assignments and set exact specifications for the rest of the semester. If these assignments aren't done perfectly on Monday - you're dropped. If you miss a class - you are dropped. Dropped like... something bad. Think of an example yourself.

- I'm really enjoying learning about pedagogy. I even find myself not only comparing teachers, but also looking at departmental views on education and standard practices compared to another department. It's my little geeky thing.

- After hearing one time to often about the six free counseling sessions available at the student health center I think I'm going to take the plunge and check it out. Can't hurt me, right? Might even help. I'm simutaneously touched that my friends are this persistant, and terrified. It sounds horrible, but I don't want to be like my mom.

- I have really really awesome professors.

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