Friday, April 20, 2007

The weekend of busy!

I thought weekends were suppossed to be relaxing...

So, if you are anywhere near me you should check out an amazing free concert saturday. Gunnison, Colorado, US. Quigley Bandshell.

Mama's Cookin'
Five Star Iris
Nadine Zahr

Native American dancers at 5:00
Music starts at 7:00

My schedule is going to be crazy. There is so much stuff to do! My day will start at about 10am and end at 1am the next morning. It will be a lot of fun no doubt, and I have been looking forward to this for months. This really is the culmination of hundreds of hours of planning, preparing, bartering and other awesome activities.

I have been wearing the same shirt since Wednsday.

I spent over $300 in two hours. The school only lets you pull out $100 at a time.

I'll try to get you pictures.

Tonight I'm going to volunteer at the relay for life.

Peace out, There is stuff to do.

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