Sunday, April 29, 2007

mmmm.... bylaws

Hokay, so here is the adventures....

Nothing says enjoy your Saturday like a 3-1/2 hour long meeting that includes business dress and the revision and voting in of bylaws. Yummy. Actually, the meeting was pretty cool, and I did learn a lot, and I did meet some amazing people.

The meeting?

Oh yeah, I should probably remember to tell you what it was all about. I and the VP of External went to Golden on Saturday to attend a meeting for the Associated Students of Colorado (ASC) it will be a group to represent and lobby for the students at the legislative level. Also, it will be primarily student run, thats very cool. There are some definite perks, for example when ASC hosted a lobby day they were able to get several million dollars more dedicated to higher education. Also, it's a great way for me to meet other student body presidents, (or the equivelent of) and a great way to learn more about CCHE and about higher education in Colorado overall. I do have a couple of concerns with involving Western in this organization. First is the lack of western slope representation, right now we are the only school represented. That will make getting to the meetings interesting, if everyone is on the Front Range, why would they want to hold a meeting so far away? We did make sure that in the bylaws conference calling in to the meeting was allowed and even counts towards quorum. That is good for the winter when the passes may not be open. Second thing I am concerned about is the fee proposal. To help generate support financially ASC is looking for member schools to pass a fee. Not a big deal. The big deal is that they are looking for it to be a seperate line item. Not included in the SGA fee. That means less control for WSC's SGA. If ASC stopped benefiting Western we would have a harder time pulling our support financially.

I'm interested in learning more about the Community College system. It appears that it is very different from the State College system. I like Western a lot. We (the sudents) have a lot of capabilities and rights than other college students have, it appears.

I got to go to a gay bar! It's been a while. My friend laughed at me and said that I looked like I was in culture shock. I have to admit, it was pretty weird when one person I was talking to said there were a lot more boys than normal. (There were about 6, total)

I got to hang out with my mom and little brother. Little brother is almost 13. Two girls were kinda flirting with him. That was weird to watch.

My mom doesn't like my spongebob squarepants tie. :) Oh well. I think it's probably equal parts dislike of the fact it is a tie, and that it says "chicks dig me". :)


melyssa. said...

Spongebob Squarepants tie?

You're right, nothing screams lesbian more than that.

I don't know whether I'm jealous or slightly amused. :)

Alex said...

I'd go with jealous. Not only do I pull it off, it's actually a "dress up" outfit that works with a mohawk. Not an easy thing to do.