Monday, April 9, 2007

some updates... and a new start

I haven't posted in a long time. Really long. Oh well. Plus, technically, this is my first post here.

Anyway. Here are some things to catch people up on what has been going on. (kinda)

Spring Break was fun. I got to go to Lake Powell on a five day sea-kayaking trip. Amazing beautiful. Exactly what I needed. I mean, who doesn't want to escape to another state and go exploring with their only resources being what they and the group can carry in/on the kayaks? I only fell out twice, and that was getting out of the boat. We didn't see too many motorboats, which was nice. Everybody got great tans and burns.

I'm running for student body president. Sometimes I think I'm crazy. Elections are this week, tomorrow, wed and thurs. I'm kind of nervous. Tonight I'm planning on going and buying candy to help facilitate my introduction to more people. :)

SpringFest is coming up. It's a huge concert that takes a lot of time and energy to plan. This year we are having three bands play. Nadine Zahr, Five Star Iris and Mama's Cookin'. Should be lots of fun. I haven't started freaking out yet, so we are doing pretty well.

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