Sunday, February 24, 2008


So... one of my jobs at Western is lifeguard.  I got certified last year and have been watching the daily "back and forth" quite a bit this semester.  (I watch mostly lap swim. Get it?  Back and forth?)  Oh, shove it, it's funny and you know it.

Moving on.  Today was an in-service day, we practiced CPR on the crazy annie that measures everything and grades you.  Don't think I'm paranoid, this dummy is really smart.  It measures how fast and how much air you put in for the rescue breaths.  It records not only where you place your hands but to what depth your compressions go.  It has a thing to make it feel like there really is a pulse.  Creepy, no?  Anyway, I passed, had some fun.  The pool manager took us all out for dinner afterwords.  I even managed to do pretty well, what with the other guard trying to drown me.  Ha.

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