Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Best Res Hall EVER

Ute Hall rocks.  I'm chilling out tonight, changing out of my SGA clothes and I hear someone not running, not walking, sounds like... bouncing down the hall, pounding indiscriminately on doors.  Words I hear during this clamor are "exercise time!" and "Russell Simmons!".  So very perplexing.

Turns out that downstairs was a great party.  Everybody dancing along to an old Russell Simmons video tape.  The fact that everybody dressed up, they danced along, they had an awesome time, they want to do it again, maybe with a Tae-Bo tape.  This is the best place to live on campus.  Wish I had more free time to play too.  

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Anonymous said...

OOPS, you mean Richard Simmons I assume.