Monday, August 27, 2007

Two Paragraphs

I pose a question to the internet....

Would you turn this in to your professor?

The assignment: Write two paragraphs telling me who you are and why you are here (statistics class).

What I wrote:

My name is Alex Stigall. I’m a senior studying Recreation with an emphasis in Outdoor Leadership and Education, with a recently added minor in Psychology. I transferred to Western about a year and a half ago from Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, CO. This past spring I was elected President of the Student Government Association and am getting tired of being called ‘el presidente’. Shortly after the election I was talking to a friend who said ”Congratulations, you are now an overachiever!” Upon hearing this my mother laughed, probably due to the fact that the idea of me as an overachiever is not something she is familiar with. My friends say that I live on stress; I concede that I tend to produce quality work when I am under a deadline. Therefore, I am also a procrastinator.

This is my second attempt at taking statistics. The first attempt was a year ago and a spectacular failure simply in the fact that I did not dedicate the necessary time and energy to learning the subject matter. I’m in this class to not only help repair the significant dent my failing grade made in my overall GPA, but also to prove (mostly to myself) that I can and should succeed in this challenge. Things I’m looking for in this class include challenge, the opportunity to struggle before help is automatically given, and if it’s possible to include learning from many different styles that would be dandy.


Seriously people, I need you to comment on this one. Please.

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Anonymous said...

Totally turn it in. Got one of my best grades on an assignment asking for "who I am" where I broke it down by what name people called me. So, yeah, go a little bit fun. Professors get tired of the old stuff too.--Calico