Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nothing Quite Like It...

There is nothing like community theatre.

The opportunity to watch members of the community get up on stage, assume a character and tell you a story. Amazing. Even if the production is horrible and they butcher the story, you still have to give those individuals applause for just getting up there and participating.

Fortunately yesterday the story was not butchered, the singing did not bring tears to my eyes, the jokes were delivered excellently and the entire experience was a great one. S and I wandered up to Crested Butte to watch the CBMT's (Crested Butte Mountain Theatre) production of Reefer Madness-The Musical. This is the first time that I had watched or heard of Reefer Madness and it is great! We were laughing the entire time. Mary Lane-one of the main characters has an amazing set of pipes and sang not only exceedingly well, but strong also.

I think part of the awesomeness that is community theatre is the fact that the players don't take themselves overly-seriously. It's refreshing to read actor bio's that contain hilarious comments and even some inside jokes. Some of my favorite lines from the bios:

"After eight years with CBMT, Megan has succumbed to the traditional, pointless nudity that makes the theatre what it is today."

"...He started with Suess, smapled some Shakespeare, dared to wear dresses, and now appears as his biggest character stretch of all. The Big J, the holiest of hosts, the Stranger from the Manger, the hardest working man in the afterlife."

"It has been Natasha's lifelong dream to drop out of college and try her hand as a porn star. Unfortunately, she recently graduated from WSC..."

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