Sunday, July 20, 2008

Iron Horses, Hearing Loss & Machoism

Today was the iron horse rodeo.  Lots of fun.  Boring at points, crazy at points, incredibly insulting at points, but a great exploration part of the culture I'm surrounded with.  So here is your picture tour of the rodeo.

First stop is the parking lot.  I ended up driving, could hardly find a spot for all the bikes parked all over the place.  It looked like in the beginning there was a plan, but towards the back there was no rhyme or reason to how anybody was parked.

You could really tell that this was a professional rodeo by the registration numbers on the bikes.  That right, big numbers written on plates.  Classy.

There I am, sitting in the audience with my colored clothes and all the people around me look something like this...

Oooh! How could I not include a picture of the fabulous snack options available?

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Matoska said...

I'm glad you didn't die.