Sunday, June 29, 2008


The first thing that I learned today is that wearing a staff shirt and showing up early to the event ensures that interesting things happen.  For example, today my nickname was immediately 'staff' and I got to unload vehicles and set up a table.

This is actually the picture of the day.  I thought it was a great t-shirt.  Plus, get this!  That t-shirt means that I wasn't actually the only person wearing one!

So.  Great story about this band (Sure Enough), or rather, the older gentleman playing in the band.  We were sitting at the table eating lunch with the family of this band.  This family said that Joe got hooked up with this family to play bluegrass with because he said that all his friends kept dying.  Morbid, but funny at the time.

Lutherans know how to throw a pot-luck.  No doubt about it.  The only thing missing at this pot-luck was the jello.

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