Monday, June 23, 2008

Bird Tamer

So the other logistician comes into the base today and is telling this amazing story about a 'huge' bird that has accidentally flown into the gear shed and was terrorizing him while trying to work.  He has opened the doors and windows, tried to shoo the bird out, all to no avail.  

The obvious next step is to come back to base.  Gather reinforcements and blankets, possibly a net and head back over there to help the bird out of the workspace.  We get a net, we get some blankets, we get a co-worker and head out.  

The whole way to the shed we are hearing about how this bird is crazy, flying around, all sorts of ruckus happening.

When we get to the shed, the bird has sandwiched itself between a box and a window pane.  Our co-worker ever so nonchalantly goes over to the bird, picks it up, and takes it outside.

I had no idea that the bird whisperer has chosen to work at Outward Bound.

Ooh!  I can't forget the greatest quote of the day after that!  My strong-man competitor co-logi, who can bench 175, works out religiously, all around tough guy says:

"Well now I feel like a little bitch"

Let's not start dissecting that statement.  Please.

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