Monday, October 15, 2007

Tooth Fairy Has Nothing On Me

Tooth fairy, jeez, talk about an overrated gig. Sneak in while people are sleeping, switch a tooth for some money. Real hard.

Try this.

Try randomly inheriting about ten pounds of elk meat from a professor. I thought it was going to work out something like-

TM: "Hey Alex, would you like some elk meat? I'm cleaning out my freezer."
Me: "Sure TM, sounds great." (Thinking in my head- Huh, I'd better ask S if I can use her freezer before TM brings it in. Is she bringing that tomorrow? Wed? I'll ask her.)


(story continuing)
TM: "Great! Come on out to the car and help me bring in this cooler, ok?"
Me: "Sure" it's not like I'm late for class or anything already. (I was. Again. Re-occuring problem here)

We head out to her car and sure enough, she's got a cooler full of elk in the back. We take it inside and split it between myself and the other sucker, I mean, recipient. Now the challenge is finding somewhere to store this so it doesn't defrost. My little tiny dorm fridge? Hardly a big enough freezer to put my chacos in, much less ten pounds of meat.

Here goes Alex, walking through the Union, approaching random people who might have freezers stashed in their office. "Hi! I'm the elk meat fairy! Would you like some elk meat?" Well, lets just suffice it to say that I managed to give away a couple pounds, not too shabby. I don't know if I would take a package of elk meat from some person wandering the hallways with a white plastic trashbag in hand.

It all turned out great though. A good friend is letting me use her freezer (chacos already inside, still lots of room!) to store the meat until I can get it to Sara somehow. Taaa Daaa!

Yeah, who's the elk fairy? I am.

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Jennie said...

Apparently I need to start hanging out around the union...