Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh No...Where'd It Go?

So earlier this week I did something very exciting (for me). I finally turned in my passport application. It costed a pretty penny, the picture isn't going to be awesome, but in six to eight weeks I should have a passport! That's exciting. The passport is the first step in starting the process for my after graduation plans.

I actually had to go to the post office twice. See, the first time I forgot to take my birth certificate. The second time, I was on top of my stuff. I remembered all the paperwork, signed where necessary, paid the money and headed back home. When I got home, a startling revelation came over me.

I FORGOT MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Oh no, what a thing to lose, jeez. Half-way panicking I called the post office and explained the situation. I spoke to a very nice guy who explained that they will send the birth certificate to the state department, and I will get it back when I recieve my passport. Basically, just don't do anything where you need it for the next eight weeks. Huh. I see the reasoning, my only complaint is that NO ONE EVER TOLD ME. I've been looking at the passport process for a while and have I seen anything about the fact that they take your birth certificate? No. Not anything.

I guess it's even a pretty common occurance because the people I have told say that they did the same thing. My question is only, why the heck didn't I know? Seriously people.

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