Thursday, July 12, 2007

Texans Stole My Laundry Bag

I don't think they meant to. If I was going to steal something at the laundry-mat it wouldn't have been that. It was old, it had holes, it didn't smell pretty.

Neverless, I was dismayed because-believe it or not-I need to take my clean laundry home in something.

Seriously people. I didn't mind so much when you moved my stuff without asking. Pretending not to notice me because I make you uncomfortable. Jeez.

Fortunately I am bad at taking things out of my car. When searching for an appropriate receptacle for my laundry I came across my back pack. Awesomeness in action.

As of now not only is my laundry clean and folded, but it's even organized! Yeah. Socks in the brain. Underwear in the front pocket, and shirts and pants in the main body.

Whoo freakin hoo.

An illustration for those who think I suddenly developed a weird way of naming things in the last paragraph...

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