Wednesday, June 13, 2007

no more waiting

Today, well, actually yesterday, I was done waiting. For weeks now I have been thinking aboutthe LC job, what it is going to be like, actually completing a course event. Yesterday was the day. My first course start.

The first course I am working is a 30-day. That means that I will have 5 course events during the duration. It's going to be a lot of fun.

So yesterday we (Instructors, Course Director and myself) clean up base in the morning and head out. When we get to the start location we unload the trucks, distribute the gear and barrels that need to get to their specific locations, set up and wait for the students.

When the students arrived we introduced ourselves and got to know them a little bit. C gave the talk and they split up. M helped me put lunch out on the "tables" and the day started rolling. (Instead of hauling real tables and drying racks out to course start we instead use items that we have with us. In this case a table is a backboard on top of two barrels and a drying rack for the dishes is a litter.) I got to bounce back and forth from group to group helping and interjecting a little bit here and there. All of the students seem super cool, I'm looking forward to seeing them at re-supply.

When the first patrol was done packing we shuttled them up to their trailhead. It was a burly mountain road, and a lot of fun. I got to do four water crossings and at one point one of the students in my vehicle exclaimed "this isn't a road!". It was a road, but it was definately a four-wheel drive road. Lots of fun.

Now I have two days off. Driver training has been cancelled, so I'll have more time to prepare for resupply. I think I'll just ride my bike a bit, it got delivered yesterday with a lot of freshies and supplies by my awesome boss. Maybe I'll go do that right now.

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