Wednesday, August 25, 2010

T minus One Day: Urban Servant Corps

Here it goes. Tomorrow starts a whole new adventure/phase of life/something seemingly really (impossibly?) large. A year of volunteer service with the Urban Servant Corps. I am honestly having a hard time putting my thoughts down into something coherent and readable, so there are the four main questions I will attempt to answer tonight.

What is it?/What will I be doing?: According to the website, the Urban Servant Corps (USC) is a one-year, full-time Lutheran volunteer program involved in ministries serving inner-city Denver. Volunteers are placed with non-profits, so this year I will be working with two organizations, the St. Paul Local Assistance Ministry, and the Harm Reduction Action Center. As part of the experience I will be living w/ other volunteers as part of an intentional christian community.

Why am I doing this?: It's a funny story actually. The short version is that I am somehow supposed to, don't ask me why or how, but I just know. Longer version, I knew someone a long time ago who participated and encouraged me to do the same. Then, when I moved to Montana the pastor up there said 'Hey, you should think about doing this'. Moved to New Jersey, moved back to Colorado and a pastor here said the exact same thing. Don't worry, I picked up the message this time and applied. :)

Overall, this year accomplishes several things for me:
  • My philosophy and approach to life is very simple: Have fun, do good. This is a great way to intentionally do this, apply my philosophy in the most direct way possible.
  • There are a lot of problems and challenges facing us today that I have no experience or even baseline knowledge of. How can I participate in discussions and help work for a solution if I know nothing about the subjects? (homelessness, poverty, etc.)
  • I want to live intentionally this year. (More on that later, probably)

Any questions/expectations going in?: I think that the questions I face going in are the same that everybody faces, or is thinking about right now. Pretty basic including, what did I sign up to do? Am I out of my mind? What are the other volunteers going to be like? Expectations, I'm trying to intentionally stay pretty blank on this one.

I just want to say a quick thank you to all the people who are supporting me this year. Your thoughts and prayers are welcome. I'm hoping to post a USC related post about once a week on average. I was thinking about doing posts about community life, the organizations I will be working in, and the fabulous volunteers I'll be getting to know a lot better. If you have any questions, comments or ideas I'd love to hear them!


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