Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Motorcycle Pickup!

So today was the big day.  I got to pick up the motorcycle I bought on Ebay.  Big day!  Very big day.  Very exciting.  So here's basically what happened:

S and I went to pick up the truck we borrowed for transport.  S's vehicle doesn't have a hitch and it's not like we can put a motorcycle in the back of a Subaru wagon, so we needed something a little bigger.  I think she's a bigger fan of the truck than the bike.

In PA we got to fill up the truck.  Pretty exciting.  It's been months since the last time I actually pumped gas.

This is the nice gentleman I bought the bike from.  He even helped us strap it down so it stayed where it was supposed to.

I was/am so excited!  I wanted to ride in the back with the motorcycle on the way home but S wouldn't let me.  Kill Joy.  ;)

The keys to my new ride...

Ready to head back home!

Since S wouldn't let me ride in the bed I thought about riding in the back seat to stare.  I mean, make sure the bike wasn't coming loose.

The bike back at camp.  Woot woot!


Alex the Girl said...

Great Bike.

Bryan said...

sweet! Hope you enjoy it!