Friday, November 7, 2008

If You're Tired at the End Then You Probably Did it Right

Tonight YMCA Camp Bernie hosted it's annual fall festival.  It's basically your standard family fun thing complete with a haunted hike, apple cidering, pumpkin hunt, and a chance to climb the tower in the dark.  It was a long day, most of us worked from 8am-11pm with maybe an hour break each.  At the end we were of course tired, but it was worth it.

This was the set up for the pumpkin hunt.  I was curious about how popular it would be with such a simple precept.  Find a pumpkin - get a piece of candy.  No worries about over-simplicity there, it was a popular activity.

Of course we all jumped at the opportunity to get in costume, here are some of my favorites:

At the end of the night we were wicked exhausted.  Fortunately, we have a pretty cool boss and he got us pizza.  I think it was a great impression of a zombie pizza party.

Oh yeah, there were some pretty cool pumpkins that got carved up too.

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