Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Rules of Wandering

If you have been following my twitter (and really, why would you be) you may have noticed some interesting things lately.  Little messages like: "I just quit my job" or "I'm not homeless I just don't live anywhere specific", fun things like that.  The great thing is, it's all true.  For the next 5-6 weeks I will be an unemployed bum wandering around.  However, I am an industrious bum.  My first night on my own, camping somewhere in Montana I sat down and wrote out a bulleted list of goals, an overview plan, plus, a basic outline and why I think I shouldn't need one.  Do I have an excessive need to control my environment?  Nah.  I just like bulleted lists.

So here goes, I'm about to share with you some of the details made it onto the clipboard that night.

The Goals:
  • Have quality time with all possible friends & family
  • Try to accumulate as many "Zero Dollar Days" as possible
  • Practice being flexible and open to ideas and opportunities
The Three Phase Plan:
  1. Solo section: Bum in Montana, Colorado, maybe Utah.  Solo trip
  2. Back to Montana to be with the special lady friend.  Explore Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.
  3. East Coast Tour: explore selected sections of New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Boston area, ______, ________, ________.
Wow.  I'm even boring myself now.  Sorry about that.  If you made it to this point.  Congrats, your either a trooper, bored off your gourd, or enjoy the pain.  (It's ok not to tell me which)

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