Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm in a petty mood today.  Let me tell you why.

I feel like I contribute to my school.  I participate, I support my fellow students, I try to make it better for everybody.  I help people complete tasks, support when I am available and try to mentor and try to do a good job.

In short, I feel that I give and give and give. 

The problem here comes in the fact that I don't feel like I have been given anything back.  I found out today that I got passed up for an award that every president, (as far back as the people I have talked to know), has received.  I feel passed up.  I feel ignored.  I'm pissed off.

The kicker is that I just went and checked my mail and I got, wait for it, a "thank-you" card from my insurance company.  I think I've been recognized more often by a company I've never met than the place that I am invested in and work in and spend every day in.

Ok, I've met my bitchy quota for the day.  Time to go get this grant creation kicked off.  Wish me luck, it's the first reading tonight!


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Matoska said...

It is the awarenes of what is in your heart that is the more valuable and permanant award. You are a good person and a great leader.