Friday, May 25, 2007

Falling Off The Face of Planet Earth


Apparently the WSC campus has this incredibly strong pull on me. Particuarly the union. Even though I have been out of town for just over a week what happens when I get back? You guessed it, visit the gf, see her off to work, go to campus and use the free wireless internet. Oh yeah. I heart wireless internet. :)

Like the title says, I'm entering the part of summer that I seem to drop off the planet. I'm just going to warn you right now.

It's still worth checking in here pretty frequently because as soon as I stop gawking at the beautiful scenery I am surrounded by I'm going to take pictures and I'm going to post them on here. I just haven't hit that point yet.

Great summer so far. I get to work for Outward Bound Wilderness as a Logistics Coordinator (LC). We just finished a week of training. It was intense, fun, a great learning experience. I now know exactly how to look at all the paperwork I need to do, calculate what list to use when packing food for student courses, and I know how to drive some really really huge powerful trucks. Heck, I even got to learn how to four-wheel when it was snowing.

All the people I'm working with are amazing. OB's mission and values are something I can really buy into and enjoy working for. It's just all sorts of good all over the place.

I might stop gushing now. Maybe.

Yeah, so. That's all I've got I think. I promise that I'll post pictures up here soon. Yeah.

Oh yeah, one more thing. How do I keep getting jobs that I think are school year but really require attention year round? That's kinda crazy. Jeez.

Hope all is well wherever you may be. Go have adventures.

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